Monday, October 29, 2007


Saturday was a perfect day for taking photos. It rained all day Friday and again on Sunday, but Saturday cleared up just for us!!! Naya is 2 years old and totally non-stop, full of energy!
It was quite a workout to keep up with her! But it was worth it all to meet her and her family. They are so sweet.

(** Note to self: When photographing 2-year-olds in a park, bring 3-4 bottles of water. )

Okay - so here are some of the photos from the session. Enjoy.

I loooovvveeee these two photos when her dad was up in a tree!

Seriously now, the next 4 photos are amazingly cute... she was trying to give the duck a rubber duck... LOVE IT!!!


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Tyler said...

Another great shoot, I love the colors in these.